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Technology equipment

Moving almost always requires special equipment. Over the years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the moving industry, to the point where it has become indispensable.

In addition to traditional equipment (carts, boxes, ramps, straps, blankets, rugs, tape) and a comprehensive fleet of vehicles (service vans, trucks in a variety of sizes, trailers, etc.), the equipment we use at Harrisson Express is top quality to ensure your things are sufficiently protected.

Track Your Property at Any Time

Nervous about leaving your property in a truck where you can’t get to them? Déménagement Harrisson Express has the solution to give you peace of mind. In addition to undergoing regular inspections and maintenance, all of our vehicles feature an advanced tracking system.

The system allows you to pinpoint the location of your belongings, anytime, anywhere. This not only helps reduce customer stress, it helps us manage our fleet more tightly at all times.

The system provides GPS readings, as well as multiple analyses on driving habits, vehicle position, and fuel consumption.

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