A business’s office needs grows as the company grows, forcing the business to relocate eventually—or right away. If there’s one thing vital to a business, it’s to be operational again as quickly as possible. Expanding or moving to a new work space? Let the professionals at Déménagement Harrisson Expression help you grow and proceed with the installation of office furniture. We’ll not only transport all your equipment, we’ll also set up your furniture. All you have to do is sit at your desk and do what you do best: serve your valuable customers.

Moving is one thing. Setting up is another. Furniture assembly is not just time-consuming, it can be a difficult and complicated task. Commercial furniture often includes modular or glass walls and Plexiglas partitions that must be reinstalled in your new office. Déménagement Harrisson Express does it all for you. Our employees can even read your design plans and arrange furniture to fill your space any way you want it. Whether your office furniture is new or used, you’ll receive the same excellent level of care from our team.

Our service includes workstations, desks, conference tables, cupboards, portable computer stands, chairs, filing cabinets, and any other modular office furniture. Plus, upon special request, we can even hang bulletin boards or other boards, projection screens, ceiling projectors, and more.

The range of services offered for your office move:

  • Workstation installation: Tecknion, Global, Steelcase, Precision, Artopex, Lacasse
  • Storage system installation: Shelf, Montel, Mobilex
  • Partition cleaning service, cabinet making service for repair work (post-move)
  • Hourly or flat rate pricing
  • Free quote will be provided within 24h.
  • Free quote will be provided within 24h.


Harrisson Express offers comprehensive services when it comes to setting up office furniture. Our experts come to you on site, free of charge, to evaluate what needs to be done. Then we work with you to plan your move.

In addition to general transport and electronic equipment, we handle furniture arrangement, labeling and coding, packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, and other types of setup. We also disconnect your computers and reconnect them in your office. We’ll even arrange the furniture according to your plans and set up modular workstations.

Office relocation in Montreal by Harrisson Express

Ready to move in? Contact Déménagement Harrisson Express to take advantage of a turnkey service offer that is advantageous in every way.