Are you moving soon? Have you considered hiring professionals to help make your transition and residential moving as organized and stress-free as possible? After all, moving to a new house is like any other task: It takes planning. Give yourself some peace of mind by hiring fast, efficient moving professionals. At the end of the day, you’ll see why it’s a simple, economical solution.

The staff at Déménagement Harrisson Express are courteous and experienced. Our qualified teams take care of the heavy articles that can be hard to transport without the right equipment. We’ll also group together the items you use every day, so that you can access them as quickly as possible. We treat your belongings as if they were our own. GET A FREE ESTIMATE


Over the years,  Déménagement Harrisson Express has refined its professional services to meet your needs, while working fast to ensure you receive your things quickly. If you start packing and find that you don’t have time to finish, the teams at Harrisson Express will do it for you. We also offer comprehensive packing services and the supplies and staff necessary to do it.

Your property is too valuable to risk damaging them in the relocation process. Harrisson Express prioritizes the safety of your fragile possessions and delicate furniture. Our experts work quickly but meticulously. Live alone? Never fear. Our experts will disassemble your furniture and protect it during transport, and reassemble it at its destination. They’ll even help you arrange it wherever you wish in your new home.

Déménagement Harrisson Express handles your move, whether you’re going great distances or just around the corner. Our teams can also help you store or move your belongings if you’re relocating across the country or to another continent.

Before you start, speak with a representative for an evaluation over the phone. You’ll see that the investment is well worth it not to have do it all yourself! Your quote is calculated based on a detailed list of items that need to be moved and will be adhered to until the end. Our rates are competitive. At the end of the day,  Déménagement Harrisson Express offers you an organized, stress-free, damage-free moving experience.

Why choose Déménagement Harrisson Express

  • Our fully trained staff takes the utmost care of your property and respects your particular needs.
  • We offer a high quality service for the removal of your goods (local or long distance).
  • We can pack and unpack all your objects, including the most fragile, paintings, lamps and dishes.
  • We also offer a storage service for your furniture, pianos and appliances in a heated, clean and secure facility.
  • We offer a free in-home estimate service, with no obligation on your part.

Residential moving for short or long distances

Déménagement Harrisson Express will take care of your move, whether it is near or far. Our teams can also assist you in organizing the storage or moving of your belongings if you are moving across the country or to another continent.

Before taking any steps, contact our team for a telephone evaluation. You’ll see that it’s not worth the investment to do it all yourself! Made according to a detailed list of the material to be moved, this estimate will be respected until the end of the process. You will discover a list of very competitive prices. Because a damage-free, stress-free and organized operation is what Déménagement Harrisson Express offers you.

Office relocation in Montreal by Harrisson Express

You want to dismantle your workstations and relocate your office? Déménagement Harrisson Express has been specializing in this field for over 15 years! A well planned move is a guarantee of success.