This moving checklist that helps you move safely, without a hitch. See our list of things to do before and during the move to make sure everything goes smoothly.


❑❑ It’s important to reserve the moving date well in advance since the summer period is very busy.

❑❑ Decide on your approximate moving date.

❑❑ Ask one of our consultants to prepare a cost estimate for your move. Inform the building’s manager of the moving date. It’s important to inform the building’s manager of the moving date to ensure that the access and parking are available on designated day.

❑❑ Make arrangements to forward your mail and send out a notice of change of address.

❑❑ Arrange to have utilities disconnected.

❑❑ Contact utilities companies to have connections made at the new destination as soon as you move. Ask the phone company to connect you before you arrive at your new home.

❑❑ Ask your bank to transfer your accounts to the branch nearest your new home. Same as well medications. If you are paying for your own move, you will need to pay by preauthorized payment via credit card or cash.

❑❑ Arrange for a safety deposit box at the new location. Never pack valuables.

❑❑ Keep money, jewelry and bonds with you or arrange for a courier service to transport them.

❑❑ Prepare a floor plan of your new home and make extra copies. They will be very useful when you move in.

❑❑ Plan a going-away party for your children and their friends.


❑❑ Defrost, empty and clean refrigerator. Plan meals that will allow you to use any remaining food.

❑❑ Reconfirm movers’ arrival time and contact info. If you’re moving to an apartment, find out about parking your moving truck at you rnew place and reserving the elevator if necessary.

❑❑ Empty oil and gas from grills,heaters, lawn mowers, snow blower sand other tools.

❑❑ Final walk-through. Check closets,drawers, cabinets and garage. Turnoff lights, back lock windows and doors.

❑❑ Get connected. Make sure your current utilities are disconnected(electricity, gas, water, etc.) the day after you move and ensure that your new utility services are connected the day before you move into your new home. Also, make sure you’re signed up for curbside track and recycling in your new city.


❑❑Be available when the Moving team arrives or authorize someone to replace you in writing.

❑❑ If you have any questions during loading, ask the driver.

❑❑ Tell your driver the items you’ll need immediately when you arrive at your destination. These items will be loaded last and unloaded first.

❑❑ Accompany the Driver through the house as he tags each item with an identifying number. These numbers will appear on your Inventory Listing.

❑❑ Make sure the Driver knows which items are not to be loaded.

❑❑ Sign the Inventory Listing and keep your copy withyour moving documents.

❑❑ Keep children and pets away during the move.

❑❑ The driver will be happy to show children the moving truck before loading begins.


❑❑ Hiring professional cleaners to help with your move-in/move-out cleaning tasks can be an excellent time-saving option. However, given the current restrictions and safety guidelines surrounding COVID-19,hiring a cleaning crew to come into your home is not advisable. At this time, the safest option is for you to do the house cleaning yourself.


❑❑ Confirm arrangements for the installation and connection of electrical appliances.

❑❑ The day of delivery, if possible, plan for a sitter who will look after the comfort and safety of young children and pets.

❑❑ Get the keys to the house. If possible, do any cleaning now before the moving van arrives.

❑❑ Post a floor plan near the entrance to help the team properly place furniture and boxes.

❑❑ Be available to accept delivery or have someone represent you. If no one is present, you could be charged for waiting time.

❑❑ Have payment prepared inadvance for the Driver.

❑❑ During unloading, position yourself so that you can check off each item when it arrives in the house, inspect its condition and direct it to its location.

❑❑ The movers will place rugs and assemble the furniture, but are prohibited from installing appliances,curtains, shelves or fixtures.

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