STORAGE AND WAREHOUSE IN MONTREAL – custom made wooden crates in Montreal.

Life is full of surprises and reasons why you might need a storage solution. Redoing the floors of your house? You’ll have to get the furniture out of the way somehow. House flooded? You need to rescue the furniture that hasn’t been waterlogged. Looking for storage in Montreal?

Maybe you’ll be away for a few months. Maybe you have an overflow of stock but don’t want to get rid of it. Or maybe you need to store furniture that is part of an unsettled estate. No matter what your reasons are,  Déménagement Harrisson Express has a storage solution that’s right for you.

Déménagement Harrisson Express offers an exclusive and efficient storage solution: wooden cubes. These containers are tailor-made to fit your needs, offering unmatched ventilation while keeping out moisture—perfect for even the most valuable belongings. The clean, spacious cubes come in single units from 14 ft3 to 140 ft3.

Perhaps you’re traveling and need a place to store your vehicle, or maybe you need a place to park your trailer or RV. Déménagement Harrisson Express also offers short-term and long-term parking.


No matter how long you need them for, whether it’s just long enough to get settled or for many months, our storage cubes are perfect for most items. Your mind will be at ease knowing that your furniture is safely tucked away in a controlled environment. Our cubes are designed to make your life easier and offer all the space you need. They open up fully on one side for easy maneuvering. They are stackable, easy to access, and come with a waterproof cover. You can store your belongings in them and be sure that your things are well protected. All our storage rooms are heated.

Not sure how big a storage cube is? Let’s put it this way: In a standard 2,000-pound cube, you could fit enough furniture for an entire living room, plus a dozen boxes of DVDs. Alternatively, you could fit all your bedroom furniture and your household appliances!

Why choose Harrisson Express for your needs

Our wooden storage cubes are always available and simplify your life—as do our services. Not only do we provide storage, we transport the cube for you! All you have to do is fill it up. And our team can do that for you, too, if needed.

  • Storage short and long terme
  • Our warehouse is clean, heated and temperate and humidity is controlled
  • Security is provided 24 hours a day using
  • An alarm system that is directly connected to the central
  • Access to our warehouse controlled at all time

Low cost moving in Montreal

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