Disaster can strike anyone. Such events cause severe damage that requires special knowledge to undo in order to be able to bounce back quickly. Life goes on, even after a disaster. We still have obligations, and customers won’t always wait for you to get back on your feet. That’s why we strongly recommend that you seek assistance from a professional when life takes a turn with our post-disaster moving service.

Whether you’ve experienced damage to your home, business or office, teams like the ones at Déménagement Harrisson Express are the ideal partner to help you transition to a new location. Regardless of whether your relocation is temporary or permanent, Déménagement Harrisson Express is proud to offer turnkey solutions with fast, quality service. We leave you free to focus on talking to insurance companies and sorting out personal matters. In the meantime, our movers take care of your property by:


Harrisson Express’s post-disaster moving service is designed for businesses that have experienced disaster, for insurance companies, and for individuals or businesses that have been victims of fire, flood, persistent odors, drying, or other events.

No matter where you are, our expertise in transport, lifting, handling, and treating damaged goods can help you. We do everything we can to preserve, maintain, and set up your things in your new location.

Don’t hesitate to contact Harrisson Express for your post-disaster move. We offer customized post-disaster moving solutions at competitive rates and fast turnaround times, to help your life return to normal as quickly as possible.



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