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Packing services

Without a doubt, the hardest part of moving a house or business is packing up your things. But it’s also likely the most important part. You know that packing is much more than just labeling the contents of boxes! When done properly, packing maximizes space, minimizing the number of boxes you need to move. Proper packing also protects your belongings and prevents damage in transit.

Packing includes wrapping up objects that may not be easy to wrap. It is vital to protect not only your furniture, but also large items that are meaningful to you but that might not fit in a box. From musical instruments to home decor to storage articles, the movers at Déménagement Harrisson Express will treat your possessions with utmost care.

Hate packing? Need to move quick? Don’t worry. The employees at  Déménagement Harrisson Express can take care of it for you! Our residential packing service is a turnkey solution that will save you headaches. We pack up everything in the house, as well as in the garage and shed. We even unpack boxes at their destination for both individuals and businesses.

When it comes to commercial moving, packing services provided by professionals like the ones at  Déménagement Harrisson Express free you and your staff from tasks that take you away from your work. With our help, it’s business as usual for your company and employees, even on the day of the move.


Packing Supplies

Hiring moving professionals also saves you money!  Déménagement Harrisson Express provides all the equipment and packing materials you need to move—supplies that you would get rid of after moving. We offer boxes of all sizes, including clothing boxes, blankets, bubble wrap, plastic bags, tape, covers, and more. Plus,  Déménagement Harrisson Express handles everything moving-related, such as disassembling and reassembling furniture.

It’s easy to see the benefits of a turnkey moving service like Déménagement Harrisson Express, for both residential and commercial moves. And for commercial relocation, our teams will even disassemble and reassemble workstations upon request.


For great protections, without any additional cost: protection for all furniture Will be adequately wrapped in moving padded covers. We supply free mattress covers for all mattress and box spring. Clothes on hangers (5 x Wardrobe boxes provided for the day).


Simplify your move with packing and unpacking services from United. Our customizable packing services will help you prepare for your move with ease.



  • DISHES, trinket, ornament and china collection: wrapped in tissue paper and / or bubble wrap in wooden case with foam interior.

  • LARGE: under wooden box specially manufactured according to the measurements.

  • GLASSES: under glass barrels with thick cardboard boxes.

  • PAINTINGS: all size telescopic boxes.

  • CHADELIERS AND LAMPSHADES: special cases with hanging chandeliers.


You have one or more collections, these probably require special packaging!

Express your packaging wishes we will examine with you the best packaging needs and solution.

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