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Located in Montreal, Déménagement Harrisson Express offers high-performance residential and commercial moving services throughout Quebec with a team of more than 50 experienced movers who focuse first and foremost on their delicacy, courtesy and quality. The accomplishment of thousands of transitions, carried out as methodically as each other, Déménagement Harrisson Express has been in business for over 15 years.

Our team, made up for a super professional services , will make this experience pleasant for you and those around you


Our Mission

At  Déménagement Harrisson Express, our mission is to ensure your move goes smoothly and to make your experience a pleasant one. That’s why our team is composed of fifty courteous, reliable, efficient experts ready to help make this step in your life as organized and stress-free as possible and to handle your belongings with the utmost care.

Our movers work quickly and efficiently to take care of your needs, your family, and your business. We offer a variety of services, competitive rates, and fast turnaround times.


At  Déménagement  Harrisson Express, our work is driven by fundamental values that shine through everything we do. We work with diligence, transparency, professionalism, respect, and honesty. We treat your belongings as if they were our own. We also work hard to make sure you regain access to your equipment as soon as possible.


Finally, our residential and commercial moving business revolves around medium- and long-term visions. Our goal is to become an indispensable partner and resource for individuals and businesses going through a transition marked by a local or long-distance move.


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